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Olympic Games

Ksgac providing the best training in the finest facilities in Karachi. We help athletes prepare for the Olympic games to train over a period of months or years. Many people visit the facilities occaisionally for training, camps, coaching and physical training.

Practice – Training Course

It’s not just that most athletes are born with a certain set physiological gifts, although its a big part of it. It’s also their commitment to their sports and perhaps most important, the way they train.

Athletic Games

We organize special events and games for our athletes for fun and enjoyments as well as competition against one another to raise confidence in each other as true sportsman.

Tip of the day: Pain means gain, Never give up!

About Us

Karachi School Games Academy Established in 2006 by Mr. Rafique Ahmed

with the support of some of his sports loving friends who initiated the Karachi School Games Academy upholding, Values, Commitment, Belief, Perseverance and winning attitude has conceptualized the KSGA. The Karachi School Games Academy is an independent, non- profit, accredited, special mission sports academy created to Serve the Nation in Sports with programs in sports promotion, instructions, research, education, leadership, events and service. KSGA is a firm believer in the principles of sound & positive development that rely on all the aspects that lead to a well-rounded development of a child. Following this golden rule, we place special emphasis on sports activities as they play a vital role in not just creating a spirit of healthy competition and sportmanship, but also lead to the physical & mental development of a child. KSGA provides the following facilities to the schools and their students: * Technical support for conducting the sports event * Organize different age level sports competitions for school in different disciplines * Provide free coaching to the students of school in our academy * Plan & organize Sports Fixtures, National & International Sports Competitions & Tours The academy believes the essence of sports is passion. Sports is about athletes doing what they love and giving their sports the ultimate effort as such, sports is a metaphor for life that brings to the world an example of human accomplishment, struggle and effort of seeing the best doing their best of inspiring hope of success in life. Students & Officials from KSGA already visited different countries to take part in International Sports Competitions such as Malaysia, India, USA, Australia, Greece, Bahrain & United Kingdom.

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Azhar Samdani

General Secretary
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Imran Attar

Assistance Secretary
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Muhammad Alam

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Nazma Azhar

Business Development
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Shakeel Ahmed

Head Coach
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Waseem Ahmed Khan


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